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Avoid Costly Lawsuits & Fines - Become ADA Compliant!

Certified Access Specialists (CASp)


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Specialists in ADA Code Requirements


We are specialists in evaluation of  facility access compliance for the disabled.  Our extensive experience with performing accessibility services will prove advantageous to you.  We have extensive experience with the complex Federal & State accessibility guidelines in both the private & public sectors. We will inspect your facility and identify your accessibility risks.  We will offer you solutions, and guide you through the most cost effective ways to remedy the areas where you are not in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), thereby protecting you from expensive lawsuits.


We are experts in helping business and property owners navigate and understand these difficult and extensive regulations.


The desired end result of accessibility consulting is to eliminate architectural barriers that prevent or limit participation of the disabled.  In order to accomplish this, an accessibility specialist must have detailed knowledge of the applicable accessibility codes and regulations as well as a thorough understanding of how different barriers may affect different users.


If you want to increase business revenue, take advantage of the tax breaks, and protect yourself against lawsuits, let us identify your accessibility risks and provide you with a plan for barrier removal.


Call us any time to receive an estimate and set up a CASp inspection of your property.  We will respond to your request and schedule you for an inspection promptly!



First Steps:


During our initial contact we will be asking some pertinent questions such as:


  1. Type of Business, year constructed, square footage, number of restrooms, parking details and the history of any improvements.
  2. We will send a written proposal for you to sign and set up a a date for inspection of the facility.
  3. We will visit your site and perform an inspection of your facility.
  4. We will identify all your accessibility risks and provide you with an extensive written report. We will the consult with you on your plan of action for moving forward and resolving the issues affecting compliance.
  5. We will issue you a numbered "Disability Access Inspection Certificate" that can be posted, if you choose, even if there are violations to be corrected.