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Ernie Castro is a CA state Certified Access Specialist (CASp #618) and Licensed General Contractor with almost 40 years of experience in nearly all areas of commercial and residential construction inspection and management.


It was during his career as an inspector of these and other commercial and residential projects, that Ernie developed a strong interest in ADA accessibility inspection issues and decided to focus his career in this dynamic, everchanging area.


He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management from Fresno State University (1987), studied Architecture at Arizona State University and pursued Graduate Studies in Business.


He is certified as an Inspector of Record for Hospital Facilities by OSHPD (# A-10833) and DSA (#858) as a Project Inspector for Educational Facilities.  Additionally, he is an RCI (Registered Construction Inspector) Division III- ADA Compliance with the American Construction Inspectors Association.


He holds extensive experience in the construction of major public facilities with specialized experience in building inspection, project management and construction supervision. Mr. Castro has played a key role in the oversight of construction inspection and administration for new construction and major expansions of multiple facilities, having been on the teams of projects of over $2 Billion dollars in construction costs.


  • Ernie is registered with the American Construction Inspectors Association (ACIA) as a Division III - ADA Compliance Inspector.
  • Ernie is a professional member of the Certified Access Specialist Institute (CASI).









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